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This father is not able to support his family, despite working, he makes minimal amounts at a time from $2-$3 a day and work is never constant. He collects plastic from the streets – with 1kilo of plastic worth only 10-30 cents. He dreams of being able to find a stable enough job to take care of his family. There are 6 of them living in the house, including his wife and 4 young children. This family’s living conditions are extremely poor and one of the worst we experienced, with leaking roofs, poor sewerage, and soaked mattresses due to the water damage. The water damage has been so extensive, the beds have rotted from the bottom. When our team asked what they had eaten that day, all they had was Za’tar (oregano), they were waiting for our team to deliver our hot meals.

We asked the father, if our team did not bring the food, what would happen? He replied, he would need to pick up more plastic to make a few dollars for bread. His distraught wife interrupted claiming her husband had too much pride to speak the truth of their reality, but she would tell us what they go through daily. Most days, this family can’t even afford a single roll of bread. The mother admitted that most nights, her kids cry themselves to sleep from hunger. Sponsoring this family would mean enough food for all of them on a daily basis, repairs to their house and essential items they have gone without for years.


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