Lebanon Food Packs Donations

Donate for the people of Lebanon. All products and boxes are getting packed in Lebanon directly.

Food Packs is for $60 each

What’s included in each food pack:
5kg rice, 2kg sugar, 1 bag rice noodles, 4 bags pasta, 1 kg lentils, 1 kg chic peas, 3 packs cream cheese, 1 kg ghee, 1 jar tahini, 1 jar tomato paste, 2 litres oil. 1 jar jam, 2 cans of sardine, 1 kg salt, 1 kg bulgur, 1 container halawa, 2 pack tea, 2kg milk powder, 1 pack of 30 eggs, 2 Loafs of bread

Plus an additional to cover gateway fees.
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Lebanon Food Packs Donations

Donation Total: $60.00 One Time