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Here’s what is included in your Food Box Donations:

All products and boxes are getting packed in Lebanon direct.

  3 Packs Cream Cheese

  2 Kgs Milk Powder

  1 Jar Tahini

  1 Jar Jam

  1 Kilo Bulgur

  1 Container Halawa

  5 Kilos Rice

  2 Kilos Sugar

  1 Bag Rice Noodles

  2 Bags Pasta

  1 Kilo Lentils

  1 Kilo Chic Peas

  1 Kilo Ghee

  2 Litres Oil

  2 Cans of Sardine

  1 Kilo Ghee

  2 Kgs Flour

  2 Litres Oil

  1 Jar Tomato Paste

  1 Kilo Salt

  1 Pack Tea

  Tea Pack of 50

  1 Pack Cheese

Donate and help struggling families in Lebanon. Your donation will go directly to the most needy families in the most affected cities.