Qurban/Udhiyah 2020


Qurban can be the only meat they ever have! Feed the most needy with Merciful Group this year

Choose which Country you want your Qurban to be delivered

Merciful Group teams will be delivering all Qurbans to the most needy families in 9 different countries. Select your preferable country and donate securely online!

Sri Lanka

   Small: $150

   Cow: $420

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   Small: $90

   Large: $120

   Cow: $550

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   Small: $500

   Large: $3,600

   1/7 Share: $515

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   Small: $200

   Large: $900

   1/7 Share: $142

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   Small: $170

   Large: $1,190

   1/7 Share: $170

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   Small: $240

   Large: $850

   1/7 Share: $122

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   Small: $260

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   Small: $170

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Syrian Refugees

   Small: $240

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Why donate your Qurban with Merciful Group?

Your Qurban is chosen according to Islamic Law.

Pay your Qurban securely online on Merciful Group.

Your Qurban is sacrificed according to strict Islamic law.

We deliver your Qurban to the most needy families.


Your Qurban / Udhiyah donation will be distributed as Fresh Meat at Eid al Adha to thousands of families. Merciful Group teams will be on the ground in many countries this year hand delivering your Qurbani donations to the most needy families. We will be focusing on families displaced in makeshift camps, elderly, widows, orphanages and rehabilitation centres. Some families haven’t eaten meat for years especially due to displacement and the cost per animal in the country they are located.

Sheep Qurban

Goat Qurban

Cow Qurban

Frequently Asked Questions:

Find answers for the most asked questions about Qurban 2020!

What is Udhiyah / Korban / Qurbani, Kurban, Qurban?

Qurban is the act of donating an animal eg. Cow, Goat and Sheep at Eid Al-Adha to the most needy around the world. It commemorates the great sacrifice offered by Prophet Ibrahim (as)

The Prophet (saw) was asked, what is Udhiyah? The Prophet (saw) answered, ‘‘It is the Sunnah of Ibrahim (as). For every hair on the animal you receive a reward from Allah.’’ [Al-Tirmidhi]

Why do we sacrifice an animal at Eid al Adha?

We sacrifice an animal as it is a form of worship to get closer to Allah and share our blessing with the rest of the Ummah in need as it is a Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) and Prophet Muhammed (saw)

Where can I carry out my Qurban, Udhiyah, Kurban?

A. A person may offer the Qurban donation overseas to countries in need Bangladesh, Gaza, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Pakistan, Rohingya, Somalia, Syria, Turkey, Uyghurs and Yemen

Which animals can be cut as Qurban / Udhiyah?

The following animals: goats, sheep, cattle and camels. It is necessary to follow the guidelines given in Surah Anam.

• Goat; one (full) year old, whether male or female.

• Cow, Bull or Buffalo; two years old.

• Camel; five years old.

• Sheep (of any kind); no less than six months old. If it is six months and is strong and healthy, this will qualify for Qurbani, otherwise it will have to be one year old. Our field team maintains and ensures all these steps are carried out correctly in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah.

How do we decide on who the poor families are?

In each country our field teams qualify the most needy who have not received Qurban meat in years. We have a list of Qurban meat recipients in various areas of each country.

• Widows and Orphans

• Families with no income

• Sisters who are breadwinners

• The disabled

• Internally displaced people

• Refugees and Asylum Seekers

• Those who are in serious financial need and in danger of their lives

What happens to the Qurban meat when we donate for overseas?

At Eid al Adha, your Qurban donation will be distributed as fresh meat to the poor and needy in Bangladesh, Gaza, Iraq, Kashmir, Lebanon, Pakistan, Rohingya, Somalia, Syria, Turkey, Uyghurs and Yemen.

When should we pay for our overseas Udhiyah / Qurbani?

We would appreciate that payment is made atleast 7 to 10 days before the day of Eid Adha to organise your Qurban donation effectively.

As there are limited spots in each country to avoid missing out, the earlier the payment is made we can organise your Qurban donation before Eid al Adha accordingly.

How much of the meat is given to each family?

The amount of meat distributed to the poor can be between 2kg to 4kg per family.

Is the meat distributed fresh?

The meat is cut and immediately given fresh to the poor and needy at Eid al Adha in the countries most needed: Bangladesh, Gaza, Kashmir, Lebanon, Pakistan, Rohingya, Somalia, Syria, Turkey, Uyghurs and Yemen.

When will Udhiyah / Qurbani be cut?

All cutting is done during the days of Tashreeq, which is the: 10th of Dhul Hijjah (Eid al Adha) the Qurban animals Cows, Goats and Sheep will be cut latest by the second day of Eid Adha.

Can I pay Qurban / Udhiyah on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you may pay on behalf of your spouse, children and Marhoom family members.

Do I need to do anything special if I intend to do my Qurban in 2020 with Merciful Group??

We advise all Qurban donations to be made through our website, while doing so please complete all your details correctly as we will use the names to be announced in the Dua prayer when sacrificing the Qurban animal. If you choose not to donate your Qurban through our website we can organise your Qurban over the phone on +61 405 700 600