Sponsor an orphan in Sri Lanka and change lives!

Sri Lanka Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsor an orphan in Syria and change lives!

Syrian Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsor an orphan in Gaza and change lives!

Gaza Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsor an orphan and change their lives!

Orphans Dreams

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Merciful Group is a Non-Profit & Non- Government organisation working with vetted organisations connecting the most needy with those who can help.
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You can help by selecting the cause and using your PayPal or Credit card to make a donation. We will then distribute your donation directly to that cause.
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If you are able to provide Aid products such as medicine, baby foods, clothing and shelter, please contact us. (only new items please)
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We are always running emergency support for areas where its needed most. You can make donation and we will see that the donation reach the needy fast!
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Zakat Al Mal

Zakat Al Mal