Qurban | Udhiya

“Therefore turn in prayer to your Lord and sacrifice (to Him only)”
[Quran, al-Kawthar 108:2]

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Qurban | Udhiya

“Therefore turn in prayer to your Lord and sacrifice (to Him only)”
[Quran, al-Kawthar 108:2]

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Any donation above $2 is 100% tax deductible!

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What is Qurban?

Qurban, also known as Udhiyah, is an important Islamic tradition where an animal, such as a sheep or a goat, is sacrificed during the days of Eid al-Adha. The meat from the Qurban animal is then distributed to the less fortunate, ensuring they can celebrate the festive occasion and enjoy a nutritious meal.

How can you contribute?

We offer multiple options to make your Qurban donation as convenient as possible:

1. Donate Qurban: You can contribute to our Qurban campaign by donating an animal, either fully or partially. We will arrange for the sacrifice and distribution of the meat to those in need on your behalf. Your generous contribution will bring happiness to numerous families facing hardship in Lebanon.

2. Pick-up Option: If you prefer to perform the Qurban sacrifice personally, you can donate the animal and arrange for its pickup from our designated location. Our team will ensure that the animal is distributed appropriately.

3. Delivery by Family and Friends: For those who cannot personally participate but have family or friends in Lebanon, you can donate the Qurban animal and request that it be delivered to your loved ones. This way, you can still partake in this noble act and bring smiles to the faces of your dear ones.

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Qurban/Udhiya FAQs

Read the answers for most asked questions by our donors

It is the sacrifice which is performed on the day of eid al udha by sacrificing a camel or cow or sheep.

It is a highly recommended sunna ,if one does not perform while they’re capable of doing so it is disliked.

It is allowed as long as the loaner is not asking for his money at the same time , in that case paying the debt is preferred.

No, Udhiya must be either camel, cow, or sheep.

If a person wishes to sacrifice or have one done on their behalf then it’s forbidden for them to remove any hair or clip any nails from the beginning of dhul hijah ( The last day of dhul qihda maghreb time) until the udhiya has been sacrificed on eid.

It begins after the salat of eid until the the 3rd day of eid ( 13 day of dhul hijah).

The sunna is to consume a third of it, to gift a third of it, and give the remaining third as charity. Or give it all for charity.

It is better to be done on behalf of the living.

If it’s done out of ignorance or forgetfulness then there’s no problem.
Also If it’s done out of necessity there is no problem.
If someone does it knowing that it’s forbidden to do so during the First 10 days of dhul hijah then repents to Allah then there is no problem with this.

If people wish to put their money together to purchase a sacrifice it is allowed with conditions.

  • it can only be done with the cow or camel.
  • the maximum number of people to purchase one these animals for udhiya is 7 people

As for the sheep it can only be purchased by one person.

A person can have the intention of receiving the reward for them self and family , as the prophet pbuh used to say before slaughtering:

بسم الله ، اللهم هذا عني و عن أمتي
Bismallah, oh Allah this on behalf me and my nation.

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