Merciful Group
Donation Box

Available for Businesses and shop owners who would like to help by displaying a charity box in their shop.

How to get your box?

Get your donation box delivered to shop and business owners , in simple and easy steps.

1. Apply Online

Simply fill in your business details and location

2. Delivered to you

Our team will deliver a money box to you within a few days of applying.

3. Deposit Into Own Account

Deposit the collected funds into your personal/business bank account

4. Bank Transfer to Merciful Group's Account

Transfer the collected funds to Merciful Group's bank account. Include a description detailing the intended purpose of the funds.

Fill in your details to apply:

Why donate with Merciful Group?

100% Donation Policy

Your donations reach the poor in FULL, no hidden fees.

0% Admin

As part of our promise, we do not take or charge any admin fee.


It’s important for us to protect your personal information.


We offer complete transparency in everything we do.

$70 each
Food Pack - Option 4

This option includes all items in a food pack + Hygiene pack