Yemen – The Forgotten War

War is raging in Yemen, and most of the world doesn’t seem to care. The conflict has been raging since 2015, and over 233,000 people have died. Millions have been displaced and are now facing famine. It is estimated that nearly 131,000 succumbed to a shortage of food. The country desperately needs help, and the situation seems to worsen by the day. But are you listening to Yemen’s cries for help?

The people of Yemen are facing immense hardship. They live in a war zone and struggle to find food and clean water. Many have been forced to flee their homes and live in makeshift camps. Children are particularly vulnerable and are at risk of malnutrition. It is believed that about 2.2 million children are acutely malnourished.

The Economic Situation:

The ongoing war has become more brutal this year in 2022 and has crippled Yemen’s economy. The country is now on the rim of bankruptcy and is struggling to pay for imports. It has led to a shortage of essential goods, including food and medicine.

The poverty rate has soared to about 80%. In some parts of the country, people survive on just $0.50 daily.

It’s also sad that Yemen’s GDP has shrunk by about a third since the war began. The country was already one of the poorest in the Arab world, and now it’s facing an even bleaker future.

Now or never!

The conflict in Yemen is often referred to as the “forgotten war” because it doesn’t seem to be getting the attention it deserves. The international community needs to do more to help the people of Yemen. They are suffering and need our help.

Show them that we care and that we are willing to help. Yemen needs us now more than ever.

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