Do You Hear Gaza’s Plea for Help?

Gaza – a meagre 140 square miles of land – is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. It’s home to nearly two million Palestinians, many of whom live in abject poverty. According to United Nations, the deteriorating living conditions of Gaza should have made it uninhabitable by 2020. However, life continues in Gaza, albeit barely.

The Gaza Strip:

The situation in Gaza has been described as a “man-made disaster” and a “slow-motion genocide”. And it’s only getting worse.

  • People in Gaza often fall ill due to contaminated water, as only five per cent of the population has access to clean water.
  • The ban on the import and export of farmers’ produce cause widespread hunger, as Gaza cannot produce enough food to feed its population. The mental health of Gazans is also deteriorating, with nearly three-quarters of the population suffering from mental health problems.
  • There is a tremendous shortage of modern medical equipment, and the shortage of blood bags leaves the hospitals with no choice but to ration blood.

The Economic Situation:

There’s a 41.2% unemployment rate in Gaza, considered the highest in the world. The poverty rate has increased, with over 60% of Gazans now living below the poverty line. Over half of Gaza’s population is food insecure.

If this wasn’t enough struggle, the power outage crisis has made life even more difficult. Due to a wrangle between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, Gaza only has access to electricity for around four hours a day.

It’s Time to Act:

The people of Gaza need our help. They are facing a humanitarian crisis that is only getting worse. We can’t wait until it’s too late.

Please make donations to help the people of Gaza. Every little bit helps.

Merciful Group is a donation-based organisation working to provide relief to the people of Gaza.

Join hands with us. Donate now!

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