In crowded Lebanon, Syrian refugees are forced to shelter in unlikely places

In crowded Lebanon, Syrian refugees are forced to shelter in unlikely places

Currently, Lebanon has the highest proportion of refugees of any country in the world — over one million in a country of just five million. That means that one in five people in Lebanon is a Syrian refugee, and the strain on the small country has become overwhelming.

The influx of new people has caused prices to skyrocket and increased competition for jobs as refugees try to find work. All of these factors contribute to tensions between refugees and their host communities.

And because there are no official refugee camps in Lebanon, Syrian families must find places to shelter on their own — places of last resort that others would never consider calling home. They end up in these barely habitable structures partly because they can’t afford to pay rent for proper living accommodations, and partly to avoid triggering negative reactions from local communities, which are severely strained by the refugee crisis.

When living conditions are inadequate, Merciful Group provides repairs and improvements to make shelters safe, warm and more comfortable. For the Al many syrian refugees cowshed, Merciful Group was able to help by repairing and painting the walls, insulating the roof, and installing water tanks and a sink, and provided medical supplies and food aid since the beginning.

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Merciful Group launched many campaigns in Lebanon, Turkey to help Syrian refugees.

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